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Back to Eden Wellness Shop Opening!

Super exciting news! I am officially opening up sales through my site and in person for Back to Eden Wellness, my wellness brand. The products range from balms, full body wellness remedies like magnesium soaks, herbal first aid kit products and I will be expanding! Natural herbal healing remedies are such a passion of mine so I'm excited to share this with you all. Below are a few of the products I have released so far.

Magnesium Salt soak from the Dead Sea for natural healing and wellness
Magnesium Salt Soak

Grass finished whipped tallow balm for skins nourishment and revitalizing
Whipped Tallow Balm

Both of these make for great everyday use to rejuvenate the skin. Our Magnesium Salt Soak has a deeper way of healing due to its richness in the many minerals found in the dead sea. For a much more complex look at this- check out the detailed article below!

Wishing you wellness,

Lauren White

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