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My Mission

 My mission is to bring the therapeutic attributes of art to people. To connect to the natural ways of creating is very grounding and helps us understand a deeper awe for the world around us. That is why I love incorporating natural use of material, like wood, charcoal, clay and more. I believe we were created to be creative ourselves and tapping into that reveals peace in the soul. I hope to bring the community together through art. People from all walks in the art world should find a place for themselves here. There is so much to learn about art beyond how to simply create an art piece. I hope this business can help the many routes in art flourish as well as the people creating them. Thank you for all you do in supporting this small business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a private party?

Yes! Private art events are totally do-able. You can schedule these for events ranging from small get togethers with friends to large events like a baby shower, bachelorette party and more!

Do you only host events at your location?

I hope to expand to host art events at other farms, locations or venues. If wanted, for a private art event I can travel to you for a small traveling fee. 

What do I need to bring to the art events?

Just yourself! We supply all the art materials needed for each project. If you wish to bring your own materials or painters aprons, feel free! 

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