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Explauren Arts 

Binding with Twine. Building with Clay. Foraging Medicine. Online Classes. In-person Workshops.

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Hi there and welcome, meet Lauren White, the artisan behind Explauren Arts and Back to Eden Wellness. Lauren has been a private artist for over 4 years, teaching roughly 500+ private lessons and a host of many Workshops. Hosting nature-based art workshops at a local venue is a joy of hers. She is a well-versed in kitchen medicine as well as foraging by using the woodland floors as her medicine cabinet. 

"After my 4 year degree for my Bachelors in Art & Psychology, I couldn't stop there. I have learned various mediums and crafts and truly love doing so. There is something so wonderful about weaving together pine needles to create a beautiful basket or building with clay straight from the earth. If you are curious about what I've been up to lately check out my blog."

-May God bless you!


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