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Nice Words To Use In Writing

Big Words to Use for Impressive Speaking & Writing

  • 1 – although. “he was making headway, albeit rather slowly.” 1 – very typical of a certain kind of person or thing. “the archetypal country doctor” AIMLESS 1 – without purpose or direction. “Don’t live an aimless life.” BRAVE 1 – To face or endure danger or pain; showing courage. The brave healthcare workers are putting their life on the line.

  • glimpsed. - “Saw” is another word that carries almost no meaning because of overuse in creative writing. Instead, use “glimpsed.”. Example: She. glimpsed. the house through the trees. benevolent. - A lot of things can be described as.

  • In this blog entry, I will be sharing with you 15 of the most exquisite English words that you may be able to use in your composition writing. Furthermore, keep a lookout for the examples to see how each word can be.

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