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Exploration Pt.1

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

This summer I have found myself to be super entwined between working in the garden, working to pay the bills and my thoughts of HOW can I create something with little time? (usually I work on detailed drawings and paintings that take 20 hours to complete) So... I sat outside with a blank piece of paper and began to doodle. Ive always loved doodling but never thought to make a piece out of them. Taking inspiration from the plants around me as I went, I took 3 days, one hour per day, to sit and reflect on life while sketching out these 3 pieces. Now after completing them, I plan to put them in frames and hang them up as a tryptch.

Personal Care Reminder: Make time for yourself. Even if it is only a little time. That time is so important for your soul to rest. We are living in fast pace times. Don't forget to slow down every once in a while, take in the little things around you and reflect on them.

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