Student Artist Spotlight

Happy August everyone! Just popping in with my student Leah's recent works for this months student artist spolight! Leah is super in tune with details and loves to work on creative works. Her talent shines through in these couple of drawings. Absolutely love her attention to the highlights and dark details. Keep up the good work Leah! #StudentArtistSpotlight #Explaurenarts #drawinglessons #privateartlessons #artlessons

New Group Art Classes Coming May 2021!

Check out the new art classes I will be offering this summer. I hope to connect each student with more creative minded peers to inspire and bounce ideas off each other. There will be creative drawing as well as more focused classes to learn in a group setting with people your age! Watercolor, drawing, journal making and more! Know someone who may be interested in joining you in a virtual art class? Spread the word and join the fun! #Explaurenarts #drawinglessons #watercolorle